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Mama Dhia FotoPages

By: Mimie Ishak

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Monday, 7-Jul-2008 07:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A wave Goodbye.......

Ini Juju
Ini Mimie
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It has been 5 years with Ranhill, and a lot had been gained throughout my years here on which I will remember. Now, it is my time to say Goodbye.....All beginnings will come to an end.

Thursday, 3-Jul-2008 09:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark

kalau dah kate besday..kena ler makan kek..
the only daughter.....curly zahraa
cantik mummy.....with 'bam bam' azrah
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Happy 3rd Birthday Damia...may this year brings you happier and healthier birthday!

happy birthday to you...

birthday girl.....Damia (tapi tak pandang camera)

tekon si Kasih ni makan kek...tak pedulik org..

Dhia Zahraa....

4 dara pingitan...

Ghazi takot ngan Azrah....eee tak malu nangis...

Goodie bag dari Damia utk Nina...

filla gak maintain kurus...aku gak juara bertahan...huhu...nasib badan

cantik mommies

jeles aku...

Thursday, 3-Jul-2008 08:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Balik kampung.....umah Tok Bak & Mak Nek

semua melambak tido kat ruang tamu....
..mana Ghazi?
Zahraa n Pak Tam n Mok
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Skang Zahraa ngan Ghazi dah ade kampung kedua....kat Kluang...kitorang aritu balik beramai ramai ke kampung Tok Bak & Mak Nek....jakon ler si Zahraa naik tangga turun tangga.....kalo tidak kitorang balik kampung Tok Bak & Mak Nek ni kejap jek amek mase 10 minit jek sampai...yeler kat Gombak kan....pasni jauh ler..3 jam baru sampai...

Sedih gak kalau Tok Bak ngan Mak Nek duduk sana mesti kitorang dah tak leh datang selalu...raya mesti berkira ....nak kena ikut turn...huhu......huwaaaaa......

Thursday, 3-Jul-2008 07:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Botak 'Deen'

Kesian nengok kepala die kena tekan!
Ha amek ko....muke pon kena tekan..
"mama ok tak muke kita"
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Gambo ni pon agak nak basi tapi just nak share..punya lah behave die ni bile dibotakkan kepala....diam jek...mana taknyer..kepala die kena tekan ngan mamak ni pon buat 'bodo' jek muka dier.....

"mama ok tak muke kite"

"kerot kerot muke"

"dah settle dah"

Thursday, 29-May-2008 09:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Discover the AQUARIA!

Ular Daun @ ???? snakes
Ular Sawa @ Phyton
Sesumpah / Chameleon
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We spent our weekend at Aquaria KLCC last Sunday. It was exciting especially the underwater tunnel. You can see the oceans' living swim around you. One of the best place you can bring your kids in here during school holiday. Here are some info for admission:

* Open from: 10am till 10pm
* Admission fee: RM38 for adults and RM26 for children aged three to 12.
* Admission fee (MyKad holders): RM28 and RM22 for adults and children respectively.
(Entrance for those aged two and below is free.)

Aquaria’s main entrance is at Jalan Pinang opposite UOA Building. The west entrance is through the underpass tunnel connecting from the concourse level of Suria KLCC (next to Tower Records) to the KL Convention Centre.
There is also another west entrance via the KLCC Park leading to the KL Convention Centre

Happy viewing!

Reptile in Aquaria:












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